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Join Karuna on a shopping trip to a natural food store or Indian grocery store for your body-type and cooking plant-based Ayurvedic cuisine.

  • Know how to shop to choose the best foods to eat for your specific dosha.

  • Learn the difference between counting calories and matching the bio-energetic make-up of food with your dosha?

  • Understand Ayurvedic cooking ingredients, what they are for, how they taste and how to use them.

  • Find out more about new ingredients to expand the range of recipes you can cook.

  • Expert advice on reading food labels and figuring out what to avoid.

  • Get the practical help to transition to a special diet that eliminates many foods you are accustomed to eating.

Karuna will answer all these questions and more in-person when she accompanies you on a shopping trip. Contact Karuna (281-546-9698) to book your shopping trip.

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