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Ayurvedic Pop-up Dinner


A special evening hosted by Siphon Coffee. Join Chefs Antonio and Karuna of Karuna’s Kitchen for a carefully curated Ayurvedic meal. All sustainable elements of a balanced meal have been taken into consideration to deliver to you a culinary experience that will delight your senses and nourish your being on all levels.
Karuna’s Kitchen cuisine embraces much of what is seen as healthy today—fresh, pure, seasonal, local, predominantly plant-based, nutrient-rich, easy-to-digest, satisfying, energizing, healing, balancing food. In addition, we use spices not only to enhance flavor, but to support digestion, eliminate toxins, clear mental fog, and more. Karuna’s Kitchen creates cuisine that truly celebrates life and the joy of eating, and increases vitality and well-being.


Fresh market salad and red lentil kebab (patties)
Main course
Dal makhani (creamy kidney beans and urad dal)
Butternut sabji (seasoned vegetables)
Grilled asparagus
Savory basmati rice
Papadams (crispy lentil wafers)
Chana burfi (fudge)

Complimentary digestive limeade will be served. Drinks and wine will be available to order from Siphon’s extensive menu.


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