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Karuna's Kitchen offers satisfying, high-quality meals featuring exciting combinations of whole foods prepared with delicious spices that can transform energy level and vitality and enhance mindfulness. Drawing from her international heritage and spiritual journey, Chef Karuna creates cuisine that truly celebrates life and the joy of eating.

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Available for pick-up at Farmer's markets and for delivery on Saturdays. Order by 9am on Friday by text, call, or email.

Prepackaged Menu items:
Matar Aloo (peas and potatoes) 8oz...$7
Roasted cauliflower with cashew cream 8oz...$7
Lemon rice 16oz...$9
Carrots almond salad 8oz...$6
Spinach koftas (patties) in tomato sauce 8oz...$7
Mung beans with leafy greens 8oz...$7
Chana masala (spicy chickpeas) 8oz...$7
Tomato Chutney 6oz...$7
Hummus (original/jalepeno-cilantro) 8oz...$6
Chocolate zucchini bread...$6
Sun balls (original/choco)...$5
Blueberry bar...$5
Lemon-hibiscus iced tea...$4
Lotus seed puffs...$5
Seasonal jam 6oz...$7

text, call or email to order

Karuna Diedericks
Tel: 281-546-9698

Antonio Manega
Tel: 713-303-1576



Choose from our menus which we change seasonally.
We also have a wide selection of dishes in our Plant-based and Ayurvedic Menus for you to choose from. Order for a minimum of 6 people from any category.
Delivery fee applies.

Full Service Buffets

Breakfast Buffets
Brunch Buffets
Lunch Buffets
Corporate Lunches
Dinner Buffets
(call or send in a request for these specialized services)

Wedding Receptions

Corporate Catering

Personal Chef Service

Chef fee includes: consultation, custom menu development, shopping/delivery, preparation and clean-up.
$300 per week + groceries for:
3 entrees + 3 items from any other category
(6 meals for 4 people)

$350 per week + groceries for:
3 entrees + 3 items from any other category + 1 dessert
(6 meals for 4 people)

Rates for 1-2 people or 6-8 people also available


Cancellation and Refund Policy

Any service that has been contracted between a client and "Karuna’s Kitchen" is a binding agreement. Cancellation of the contracted service is subject to a 20% cancellation fee if cancellation is made within 48 hours of an event. Refunds are properly issued upon request and will be returned to the client within 5-7 business days.

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