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Moving into Spring Gracefully

As the weather changes, we are moving from the cold, dry Vata season, into the cool, moist Kapha season. In most northern hemisphere climates, the Kapha season lasts from March to May/June. As it starts warming up, there is often vacillation between cold and warm temperatures. Some days it is warm and it feels like we are well into spring, and other days it feels like we never left winter. This back and forth can be disturbing to the body. We may be thrown off balance especially if we have been consuming a typical heavy, earthy winter diet. Therefore spring brings along with it several nourishing foods that will naturally detoxify and ease the transition into the Kapha season. Watch the video of me showing you some of the Spring Detox vegetables that are being grown at The Farm. Then sign up for the Art of Ayurvedic Cooking WHOLESOME DETOX cooking class to learn how to cook them! Sign up before March 15 for a $15 discount!


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